laminated paper (papier mache') sculptures by Steven F. Wirtz

A sampling of sculptures here, some are still available for purchase. Contact me for availability and pricing. Each of my sculptures are made with love by yours truly.  No two are exactly alike, though I reprise the designs or ideas I like.  All works are assigned a number. This number corresponds to a list I keep that logs all of the sculptures I've done. All works are signed by me, of course. Click on the photos for a closer look.

Thank you for being here and for your interest in my art!!

All work copyrighted by the artist. Please, no republishing of these images without my consent.

                       -Steve Wirtz



It's been over 15 Minutes...

approx. 13 inches tall


I wear fur

approx. 8 inches tall


Organic Vacuum Cleaner

approx.  12 inches Tall




why socks hated spring

Approx. 26 inches long




Spotting You

Approx. 10 inches Long



Free Love

about 11 inches tall




Did I hear you open...?

Approx. 10 inches long



Not Ignoring You

approx.13 inches tall





I Have Big ears

approx. 10 inches tall




My Food is 2 Minutes Late

about 8 inches tall




approx. 10 inches long




























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