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Bessie Allen ALHS School 03-19-2008

 I actually went to school middle school in this place. Except, we didn't call it middle school back then. My locker was right outside the door of the classroom where we worked on these sculptures. THE PROJECT: Create a paper mache sculpture of their own design, with a bit of help from Steve Wirtz on the armature.. The students provided the sketches. Many of the sketches were quite good and it was a challenge to interpret them into a workable sculpture. These students were in the Alternative Learning High School program. I was impressed with the work they did. Big THANKS to Alice Tzakais for setting up my appearance. Also thanks to the faculty at Bessie Allen Middle School.

(left) Cat about to pounce. One eye is on, the other yet to be. Nice piece!

(left) Panda Bear. 

(right) This artist submitted a nice sketch of a spider. The legs are really long and I was kinda worried they would poke someone's eye out! great job on the sculpture, though.

(immediate right) Purple elephant. Very nice work.

(far right) the shark turned out to be a very attractive piece.

(left) Lynn was working on this bear which at first looked like a hippo, but soon came around.

(right) This mythical beast is called a Cerebus. Quite a difficult sculpture, because the animal has three heads.

(far left) 'Computer Man' The artist submitted a fantastic sketch. I used some pretty dense foam rubber to create the armature for it.

(left center) Howling wolf. Nicely accomplished.

(near left) Watch out, it's a rampaging penguin! Fun sculpture. the artist had a good time with it, obviously.

(right) This cat knocks me out. Ya gotta love those big blue eyes.

(far right) A "Junkyard Dog". This artist worked so fast, he was done before I got my coat off.


 (left) I love this "Play Dog". Such a fun structure to it.

(right) The flamingo was a fun armature to make.

(right) Alice did a great job on her "Dog With Cat" sculpture. I knew she would-she is sooo talented.


















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